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About our Products


Why our Handmade Soap? 

Our soaps are made fresh from scratch using the traditional Cold Process method.  Soap making is both a science and an art form! Our soaps are poured in small batches, with attention paid to detail, and are cured for at least 4-6 weeks.  As every batch is uniquely handmade, the colour, patterns etc can vary.  Every ingredient is chosen with care according to the properties they offer the soap as well as the user.  

When stored properly in a cool, dry place, our soaps will last a very long time.  Our soap bars are larger than average, and our formulas contain ingredients that are known for their very long shelf-life.  As a result, our soap bars become harder and lathers up even better the longer they cure (like a fine wine!)  We are very proud of the recipes we have developed, please refer to the ingredient lists for each individual batch to see what has all gone into your handmade soap to make it what we hope will be the best soap you've ever used! 

All of our handmade products are made using ingredients and materials sourced as locally as possible, and from small reputable Canadian suppliers. We avoid Phthalates, Parabens and Sulfates, and ensure ingredients such as our Palm Oil are "Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil" Certified and are ethically sourced.  

Do your products help with my skin condition(s)? 

OUR PRODUCTS ARE NOT INTENDED TO CURE, TREAT OR DIAGNOSE ANY DISEASE OR CONDITION.  Medical claims are a strict no-no in the handmade cosmetic industry.  Making medical claims identifies a product as a "drug", which is a whole different ball game as far as regulations go.  To sell cosmetics legally in Canada, Health Canada has strict policies about submitting notifications to them for every product and formulation,  as well as they have stringent packaging and labeling requirements. We have worked very hard to ensure our products are Health Canada compliant. 

I'm allergic/ sensitive to (insert allergen/ sensitivity here).  Do your products contain (insert allergen/ sensitivity here)?  

We are proud to include a full list of ingredients with almost all of our products in our online shop.  Not only are you able to see what goes into our products, you will also have the ability to identify and avoid a product that may contain an ingredient that doesn't agree with you.  All ingredients are listed on our packaging as well.  We are not responsible for allergic reactions or injury.  Some of our products contain essential oils, which may not be appropriate to use during pregnancy.  Consult a Physician if irritation occurs while using our products.  Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.  

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