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Whipped Hot Cocoa Fragrance Oil
Whipped Hot Cocoa Fragrance Oil

Island Escape Fragrance Oils

Whipped Hot Cocoa Fragrance Oil

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Your favorite frothy cup of Hot Cocoa with teeny hints of Caramel, yummy Mini Marshmallows, and creamy smooth Vanilla Musk. This is a gourmand delight! Perfect throughout winter!

Vanillin  –  5-10 %

ET Vanillin – 5-10%

FP: 188 F

Soap Usage: 21.3 %

CP Test Notes: Soaped great. Zero ricing. Zero acceleration.


Technical Documents:

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Link

International Fragrance Association (IFRA) Conformity Certificate Link


Customer Comments: 

his is the BEST hot chocolate fragrance I’ve found! Used in soap and bath bombs! Soaped great, turned almost black after a full cure. Goes very dark. In bath bombs, it’s worked well!

- Such a great cocoa/chocolate scent, used in bath bombs, bubble scoops, and CP soap with zero disappointment! Ordering a third bottle today so I have it for next winter, as well. Gorgeous in body butter!

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