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Tibbs Eve Fragrance Oil
Tibbs Eve Fragrance Oil

Island Escape Fragrance Oils

Tibbs Eve Fragrance Oil

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In Newfoundland and Labrador, Dec. 23 – also known as Tibb’s Eve – is an unofficial holiday unique to the province, born out of folklore and turned into a big night for adults!! With notes of luxurious brandy, bourbon, and candied fruit, this fragrance will be perfect for the holiday festivities!

Vanillin  –  0 %

FP: 180 F

Soap Usage: No Restriction

CP Test Notes:  Soaps beautifully, no acceleration, no discolouration, scent is strong several weeks after the cure. 

Customer Comments:

-Love love love this fragrance, smells like sweet liquor and all the laughter at the party! Sold so many bath bombs with this FO at Christmas, so ordered a second bottle. Won’t be without this original in my collection!

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