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Satsuma Sunrise Fragrance Oil
Satsuma Sunrise Fragrance Oil

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Satsuma Sunrise Fragrance Oil

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The Japanese Satsuma is a unique, aromatic citrus fruit. This Satsuma fragrance is a wonderful blend of orange, mandarin, mango, peach, lime, jasmine, and orange flowers. Energizing and intoxicating! We love it!

Reformulated December 6th 2021 – Please note the original oil has been replaced with our main manufacturer. It was created specially by our perfumer to not discolour.

CP Test Notes:  Performed beautifully.  No discolouration.  Scent is true several months after the cure.  

Technical Documents:

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Link

International Fragrance Association (IFRA) Conformity Certificate Link

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