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Salem Broom Closet Fragrance Oil
Salem Broom Closet Fragrance Oil

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Salem Broom Closet Fragrance Oil

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Ye olde pine-straw brooms will begin to sweep into stores soon, bringing with them a gust of cinnamon, fall leaves, and a lust for pumpkin pie. This fragrance brings back so many fond memories of my Mom, and the kitchen broom that still hangs on the wall of my childhood home. This fragrance has so much depth, you will love it!

CP Test Notes:  Behaved well.  Some discolouration (see photo, Fragrance is in bottom part of the soap)

Vanillin –      1.4%

ET Vanillin – 0.30%

FP: 200

IFRA: Soap – 22.2%

Customer Comments:

-Don’t be thrown off by the name. This smells of Salem… magical and definetly offers the scent of outdoor fall

-This is by far my favourite Autumn fragrance ever! I wasn’t sure what to expect just based on the name and description, but I’m so glad I bought it!

-This to me smells like old time baking. It’s spicy and sweet with a little tangy scent that I think is pine. It smells like you are walking from cool fresh air into a warm bakeshop on a fall day.

-This is amazing! My new absolute favourite for Autumn/Halloween! It’s strong and yet not so strong at the same time, it’s spicy and yet not spicy at the same time, it’s all around amazing! A must try for everyone!

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