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Berry Picking Time Fragrance Oil

Island Escape Fragrance Oils

Berry Picking Time Fragrance Oil

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Sexy turbinado sugar, juicy, sweet, blueberries, Concord grape, lemon, sweet raspberry, blackberries, lingonberry, wild strawberry, and tart green apple. One of the BEST blueberry fragrances we have ever smelled! One of our favorites!! Definitely a customer pick!

Reformulated on 1/20/2021


FP: 200

Max Usage Rates:  Soap and body wash 32.5%, Body cream, lotion, hand cream 5.3%, face cream 3.5%

CP soap test results: Soaped beautifully, no acceleration or discoloration, plenty of time for swirls.  *Note: Results vary depending on recipe, water discount, etc.


Technical Documents:

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Link

International Fragrance Association (IFRA) Conformity Certificate Link

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