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Fluffiest Towels Fragrance Oil

Island Escape Fragrance Oils

Fluffiest Towels Fragrance Oil

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The fresh scent of clean warm towels straight from the dryer! You will LOVE this oil!

FP:  200

Max usage in soap: 11.5%

Customer Comments:

This scent is heaven! It’s warm and cozy!

-Love this! Was worried it would be perfumey but it’s not!! Totally fresh and good!

-totally smells like the description

-Smells so fresh and clean, love it

-As the previous reviewer said, it is a warm & cozy scent. Just like the towels when they are fresh straight from the dryer. It is a strong scent, so a little goes a long way. Perfect for a baby-themed soap

-Very cozy and fresh/clean smell. A must have! The reason I’m giving only 4 stars is it did accelerate my CP soap. Wasn’t soap on a stick but got thick very quick.

-I got this fragrance a WHILE ago… I think probably when it first came out.
OOB, I did NOT like it. So it sat in my collection for months.
But I kept reading about how amazing it was on the facebook group and decided I’d actually make something with it.
It smelled pretty good in the first bit I used! But then I spilled some, mopped it up, and tossed the soaked paper towel in my bathroom bin.

And OMG. I keep going into my bathroom because holy moly it smells SO fresh and clean in there.
It’s got a sweet note to it that isn’t toothache type sweet, it’s more like a comforting sweetness that makes you want to hug a comforter/blanket.

-Behaved well in CP. Smells just like towels out of the dryer. Strong scent retention. A bit too strong for me, but it is exactly as described.

-Love love love this scent…performs beautifully and the scent is amazing


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