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Flannel Throw Fragrance Oil

Island Escape Fragrance Oils

Flannel Throw Fragrance Oil

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Absolutely wonderful unisex scent! Top notes of Bergamot, orange, raspberry and Mahogany.  Subtle middle notes of Orchid, lilies, clove and amber with bottom notes of Vanilla cream, patchouli and sandalwood.

Vanillin  –   0 %

ET Vanillin – 0 %

FP: 176 F

Soap Usage: 3.7 %

Customer Comments:

-Love! Love! LOVE! This has an amazing scent in my CP soap. A bit mysterious, a little sexy, but comforting. And it sticks. It’s only about 4 weeks old so far but it’s still nice and strong. Tried my little end sliver and the lingering smell on my hands was amazing (good thing I was at home for how much I was smelling my hands 

My oils and lye were at room temp which is unusual for me and I had zero issues with acceleration or discolouration (so have fun with colour with this FO). I will definitely be buying lots more of this in the future as I see it selling well in everything we make.

-Really pretty, crisp and fresh fragrance! Had lots of good feedback on this FO. CT and HT were both strong in C3 soy. Would reorder this for Fall.

-I absolutely love this scent! It worked perfectly in my soy candles and the HT is one of the best I’ve done so far. This will be a part of my line all year.

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