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Faye Fragrance Oil
Faye Fragrance Oil

Island Escape Fragrance Oils

Faye Fragrance Oil

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A beautiful fruity, fresh accord! 

Top Notes: Raw Coconut, Pink Pomelo, Kiwi Nectar

Middle Notes: Rain-Soaked Palm, Pineapple Leaves, Custard Apple

Bottom Notes: Sun Bleached Driftwood, Vanilla Orchid, Sugar Cane

ET Vanillin –   0.04 %
Vanillin –         0.00%

FP: 200

CP Soap Usage: 17.8%

Test Notes:  No discolouration, slight acceleration, soaps beautifully, great scent retention.


Technical Documents:

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Link

International Fragrance Association (IFRA) Conformity Certificate Link


Customer Comments:

-This one is absolutely beautiful. Slightly floral but that adds to the rest of the notes. Love it!


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