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Bob'in for Apples Fragrance Oil

Island Escape Fragrance Oils

Bob'in for Apples Fragrance Oil

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The ultimate fall treat! This apple is like no other! We took fresh juicy Red Macintosh apples, and blended in a slight caramel-maple insanity that you are going to LOVE! This has CRAZY scent throw! A must for any fall line!

ET Vanillin – 3.1%

Vanillin –      1.5%

FP: 200

IFRA: Soap – 10%

Customer comments:

-I love apple scents all year long, but there are some that shine a little brighter than others. This is one of them.  An absolutely gorgeous aroma. The caramel-maple note has some serious kick to it! Really adds depth to the fresh apple scent.

-Absolutely amazing !!

-Nice crisp juicy apple scent. Love this one.

-there is apple scents and then there is THIS apple scent!! smells like fresh picked apples mixed with caramel but not over whelming, I ordered a 4oz bottle and ordered another 4oz right after smelling it out of the bottle! this is the most amazing apple scent ever.

-This smell was SPOT on… like a fresh juicy apple WOW, love it.

-My favourite apple scent that I’ve ever used. Very ‘crisp’ smelling.

-more like a granny smith than macintosh, expected a little sweeter but it’s a beautiful smell (used for soy candles & glycerin soap)

-Crisp smell, just what you smell when you cut an apple open. Not too sweet. In CP, I was able to make my design, but does thicken a bit, knowing this, I use my time wisely. I use with Mad Micas & TD and it did not brown.

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