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Berry Merry Holiday Fragrance Oil

Island Escape Fragrance Oils

Berry Merry Holiday Fragrance Oil

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We are BERRY excited for this fragrance!! Wrap yourself in luxury, but with a fun berry twist!! We are sure you will love our version of this popular fragrance!!

Top Notes: Frosted Raspberries, Holly Berries, Kir Royale Accord, Crystalized Orange Zest
Mid Notes: Pink Prosecco, Jasmine Wreath, Creme de Cognac
Dry Notes: Red Velvet Vodka, Skin Musk, Crystal Musk.

Vanillin  –  0.10 %

FP: 230 F

Soap Usage: 30.3 %

CP test results: Smells delicious but mild at 5%, usage rate can be increased as the maximum for this oil is 30%.  Almost no discolouration (very, very light tan) 

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